Proof Of Safety, Purity & Effectiveness

Most companies simply focus on the MONEY aspect of the business, which usually means to simply copy another product that's being marketed heavily, and then repackage and promote it themselves.

These other companies have NO proof, NO clinical studies, NO research (which is very expensive to do in the first place), NO REAL testimonials (other than just a few fake ones employees wrote out themselves) and basically NO SCIENCE to back anything up.

Below you'll discover some specific links that will open up new windows to PROVE to you WHY and HOW ProVanax® will work for you.

We have NOTHING to hide. We believe that because this is YOUR BODY and because you are putting something in it, you MUST do your own research and better BE CAREFUL when buying from ANY company that doesn't have the following:

REAL Audio Feedback & Testimonials

TestimonialsI'm sure you've seen all the feedback and testimonials to the right of the page - but have you listened to any of them? We have REAL audio feedback from regular people who have used TriLipono®. NOTHING is made up and we have over 50-75 NEW testimonials monthly.

We don't even bother posting our "dramatic" responsive testimonials because we believe they are not typical and might sound "too good to be true" (go ahead and listen to some of the testimonials if you'd like).

Proven Clinical & University Studies

View different clinical & university studies PROVING that ProVanax® works. Dramatic results are seen and felt on all levels - stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Best Hospitals in 2007It's also been used in the REAL world and studied at multiple medical offices and clinics. Including the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland. (rated as one of the top hospitals in America by U.S. News, in 2007).

AnxietyIn 2007, it was also featured in BrainWise Psychiatry Newsletter by Johns Hopkins Medical University. Again, demonstrating that the ingredients found in ProVanax® are clinically PROVEN to work!

Patent Pending & Clinically Proven Ingredients

ProVanax® utilizes the Synergy Optimizer™ technology to systematically ATTACK and DESTROY anxiety & depression from THREE different and documented "methods" Hence, it's a "TRI-Mode" mood enhancer.

IngredientsIt also contains FOUR patented ingredients specific for mood enhancement. ALL ingredients are 100% natural extracts ... and we have clinically proven research to back up EVERY single claim that we make.

OrganicAdditionally, we also SHOW you complete proof of Certificates Of Analysis on ALL of our ingredients for purity and safety. This way, you'll know exactly what's in each bottle.

Be Careful What You Put In Your Body

Unfortunately, many supplements have been tested to only show either a fraction of the dosage listed on the bottle or sometimes, certain ingredients are not even in the product!

Remember, the FDA does NOT regulate nutritional supplements and herbs. So, only the best companies "self-regulate". Whether you use our products or someone else's, make sure you ask for a Certificates Of Analysis BEFORE you put any pill in your body!

Verified, HPLC Tested & NSF/GMP Registered

ALL of our products are made under strict FDA regulations. BOTH our manufacturing companies have been certified with "A" ratings under the NNFA Good Manufacturing Practices (NNFA GMP) program since 1998 and the NSF GMP Registration since 2001. Lastly and most importantly, all ingredients are certified HPLC tested for purity & quality!

Please keep in mind that nutritional supplements are NOT regulated by the government or FDA. So, you never know what you are getting. It costs a great deal of money to have these certifications.

Pure & Safe
Proven - Pure & Safe

We've invested more money for higher quality ingredients and to be certified by these organizations because our products were originally produced for my personal friend and family, as well medical offices.

So, it HAD to be the best. It HAD to be pure and safe! NO EXCEPTIONS! When you get a moment, see if any of the other companies you've purchased product from before, have these certifications ... I doubt it!