History of ProVanax®

This is a great question because there are lots of products that come and go and when it comes to your health, you want to utilize something with a long and proven track record of effectiveness and safety.

YEAR ProVanax® History - Progress & Growth
2000: "Anxiety Reduction Formula" (ARF) was created utilizing 10 key ingredients. Initial "tests" were done on my patients, family members and friends. We wanted to see how well the formula worked, before we spent more money on expanding the project.
2002: After a year of testing, we were ready to launch the product and called it GABAnex™. This first formula contained 5 specific ingredients, all clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression - without any withdrawals and addictions.
2003: The feedback from GABAnex™ is really well. For the past year, it was only utilized with doctors, medical offices and wellness clinics. It was time to launch it to the general public.
2004: Internet sales and feedback further prove that GABAnex™ works well, but we run into legal issues. A competitor of our company uses a similar formula with a similar name. Legal action is taken.
2004 - Q3: Eight months later, we win the lawsuit regarding Trademark infringement and we push forward again. But, due to all the legal problems, we decide to change the name and improve the formula.
2005 - Q2: After seven months of clinical testing, the new 7 ingredient formula is developed and the new name is ProVanax®.
2006: Feedback for ProVanax® is even better than GABAnex™. We feel really good about the progress we've made. We expanded usage to Australia, England & Canada.
2007: In winter of 2007, ProVanax® is rated the #1 natural alternative to prescription anxiety and depression drugs by "Mental & Emotional Health" magazine in the UK.
Constant Improvement Is The SECRET!

NOTE: Each year, the original "Weight Loss Formula" has been modified with improvements in effectiveness and safety. This is done because of new research, ingredients, customer feedback, etc. all help us to consistently bring YOU the best possible product.

Most companies create a product ONCE and keep selling the same formula for years.

They'll lie and claim that "this is the best formula and no need to improve it". But that's not how science works ... that's not how the WORLD works.

Make YOUR Own Judgment
Too Much Confusion - Too many choices
Too Confusing ...

There are so many products, all claiming the same thing. How do you know what works and what doesn't? How do you know what's SAFE and what isn't? How do you know who is telling your the TRUTH and who is giving you a lot of lies and marketing hype?

My only advice is to use your own common sense. Simply look at the facts, as well as the science.

Lots Of Immitation Knock-Offs
Lots Of Imitations

We've had a LOT of companies try to copy our formula, but ALL have failed in producing the desired results. This is why we've given you LOTS of information -- because we know you're smart and when it comes to your body, you can't take risks and buy "imitations".

We've given you REAL LIFE proof, as well as science to back up every claim, so you can make your OWN educated decision and feel confident and comfortable in doing so. Not many companies can or are willing to this!

What Does All This Mean For YOU [an error occurred while processing this directive]?

First of all, the product has been around for almost a DECADE, so it's been proven to work, be effective and safe! That's why it has a 93.3% re-order rate. That's INCREDIBLY high in this business!

Secondly, this also shows further proof that our company has been around for a long time, and that we have a proven track record - since 1993. Unlike a lot of other companies that come and go each year.

It's All About RESEARCH!
Eating Is A Part Of Every Event!
Research & Testing
Is #1 Priority

We have improved the ProVanax® formula many times by testing various natural herbs and extracts, to find the EXACT RATIO and POTENT FORMULA. Please remember that the "brains" of our business is not the marketing, but our R & D department - which stands for Research & Development.

Yes, it's more costly. There is lots of time and testing involved. But THIS is one of the biggest reasons why our company and its products are so highly rated by our clients and the medical community.

Constant and never ending improvement - that's our goal!