ProVanax® Comparison Chart & Savings


The reason ProVanax ® works so well, is because it "attacks" the depression/anxiety from multiple angles and works synergistically WITH your bodies genetics to OPTIMIZE your brain hormones and neurotransmitters.

Depression and anxiety, even though they seem related, are NOT the same and hence, the solution can't be the same. That's why there is Prozac ONLY for depression and then Xanax ONLY for anxiety. Because pharmaceutical drugs are so potent, trying to combine both solutions into one pill usually creates even MORE NEGATIVE side-effects (not to mention, long-term ADDICTION!)

Compare ProVanax®'s patent pending Tri-Mode mood-enhancer (a product that does it all) to other leading products that are only capable of attempting either depression OR anxiety and not both.

Additionally, not only does CholesLo™ do MORE, and contains a HIGHER DOSE per pill... but it also costs much LESS! So you get a lot more value for your money, AND YOUR HEALTH!....

  ProVanax® Anxietol 7 Clarocet NRI Amoryn™ Seredyn Panicyl Welatonin™
  ProVanax Anxietol 7 Clarocet Amoryn Seredyn Panicyl Welatonin
Optimzes Serotonin X X X X      
Increases Dopamine X            
Decreases Cortisol X         X  
Improves Sleep & Insomnia X            
Patent Pending &
Clinically Proven
Reduces Anxiety &
Panic Attacks
X X   X X    
Uses only pure extracts, NOT dead, powdered root. X            
Anti Depressant X X X X     X
Natural Mood Enhancer X           X
ONE YEAR Guarantee X            
Cost Per Serving $0.48 $1.33 $1.27 $0.94 $0.97 $0.91 $1.41