How ProVanax® Works
& How You'll Benefit

ProVanax® is co-created by a board certified Psychiatrist and is the world's FIRST "tri-mode" anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and mood-enhancing nutraceutical, utilizing the Synergy Optimizer™ technology.

ProVanax® has 690+ published studies demonstrating that it:

Increases your DOPAMINE levels

Here are some important facts about this AMAZING anti-aging hormone called Dopamine:

Dopamine - The "pleasure" chemical
  • Known as the "pleasure chemical". It gets released any time you are HAPPY - having sex, eat your favorite food, winning the lottery, etc.
  • Helps with WEIGHT LOSS because it makes you feel full and crave less sweets.
  • Gives a NATURAL "HIGH", similar to recreational drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy (but without the addiction or negatives).
  • Improves memory, reduces mental stress and can increase your intelligence.
  • Increases concentration and reduces/eliminates A.D.D. and ADHD.
Optimizes your SEROTONIN levels.
Serotonin - The "Happy" Chemical

Serotonin happens to be the most widely studied neurotransmitter, since it helps regulate a vast range of psychological and biological functions. This is an "anti-depressant" hormone, which decreases tremendously as we age and also when we eat poorly (insulin imbalance, food cravings, etc.).

Disruption of the normal functioning of the serotonin system leads to a number of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, improper social behavior, and sexual problems. Common medical conditions associated with serotonin imbalance include disturbance in the sleep-wake cycle, obesity or eating disorders, and chronic pain.

"OPTIMIZE" - Don't Over Do it!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about serotonin is that it needs to be OPTIMIZED - too much or too little have NEGATIVE effects. When done NATURALLY within the body, utilizing natural herbal extracts found in ProVanax®, then POSITIVE results are felt.

When using prescription med's such as Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft and similar drugs, there is usually a very negative rebound effect and many times, an OVER ABUNDANCE of serotonin - which leads to even MORE problems!

Reduces your CORTISOL levels.
Cortisol - The "Stress" Hormone

This is our main "stress" hormone. A little is needed to live, but due to times of high mental and/or physical stress, this hormone goes sky high and causes all sorts of problems.

Too much cortisol can happen with ANY kind of stress - physical or mental. From a fight with a friend or loved one, to lack of sleep to exercising too much. When your cortisol levels rise:

  • Your immune function SHUTS down and you get sick.
  • Your body fat will increase - especially around the belly and hips.
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate will increase and STAY elevated.
  • You will lose MUSCLE (even if you exercise)!
  • You will retain excessive water and feel and look bloated.
  • You will have more joint pain, arthritis, etc.
  • You will have difficulty concentrating & remembering.
Improves deep R.E.M. SLEEP & prevents INSOMNIA.
Deep, Restful Sleep - NO INSOMNIA

When you're under stress - physical or mental, many changes happen to your body. But almost EVERYONE'S SLEEP is effected during times of stress.

Some people tend to sleep more - this is usually the case in depression. But MOST actually end up sleeping LESS.

Or, even if they sleep the same amount of time or sometimes even more, your sleep is never "deep" or "restful". This scenario tends to be true for people dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and constant worry.

For these individuals, it takes time to fall asleep, you tend to get up a few times in the middle of the night and when you wake up in the morning, you just never seem fully rested.

How About Sleeping Pills?...

Some people take sleeping pills (Ambien, Resterol, Lunesta, etc.) and/or "anti-anxiety" drugs (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, etc.). Not only due these drugs create a permanent addiction and dependency, but worse yet - you tend to feel groggy and tired the entire day.

Who wants to live life like that? ...

Additionally (and WORST of all), lack of sleep is clinically proven to cause:

  • accelerated aging,
  • weight gain (especially abdominal),
  • wrinkles (especially around the eyes)
  • and many diseases - including cancers!

In my opinion, lack of sleep and rest is the #1 cause of many diseases and problems in our society - especially in America!