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Sam Robbins
Sam Robbins
How SAFE is ProVanax ® and its ingredients?

Can anyone take it, man or woman, young and old? What potential side-effects does it have? And are the ingredients all natural and FDA approved?
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Yes, anyone can take it. Legally, we must emphasize that you should be 18 years or older ... but there have been many studies in Russia where even teenagers have used the ingredients found in ProVanax® with great benefits. Hence, the product is very safe and actually enhances mental and physical health.

100% Natural
Clinically Proven SAFE & Effective!

With that said, our product is safe for most everyone. ALL of our ingredients are natural and have clinical studies and scientific data backing up ANY and ALL claims we make to effectiveness and safety of our products.

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You Need MORE ProVanax® As You Age

ProVanax® is in fact, even more beneficial as we age! People 35 and older should DEFINITLY consider taking ProVanax® as a part of their regular dietary supplementation program, rather than using it only during times of stress, depression or anxiety.

Regular use of ProVanax® has been clinically shown to improve one's brain chemistry, which has lead to "positive emotional symptoms" and "increased social behavior and confidence in social settings".

Safe With Your CURRENT Medications

ProVanax® is used by many individuals to help reduce the dosage of their current anxiety and/or depression drugs. In many cases, to come completely OFF off of them.

So, if you are currently on Prozac, Xanax or similar drugs, many of our users report that they very SLOWLY reduce their prescribed medications, as they increase the use of ProVanax®.

Complete DRUG FREE!...

Worse case scenario, people are using HALF their usual drug dosages when used in conjunction to ProVanax®. BEST case scenario, after a few months of slowly cycling down, about 37% of users stated that they are completely OFF their prescribed anxiety/depression drugs after 3 months of ProVanax® usage.

Hence, as they decreased their medication dosages, they increased their ProVanax® and are now finally DRUG FREE and on a natural ProVanax® alternative!

USP Verified For Purity & Quality

ALL of our products are made under strict FDA regulations. BOTH our manufacturing companies have been certified with "A" ratings under the NNFA Good Manufacturing Practices (NNFA GMP) program since 1998 and the NSF GMP Registration since 2001. Lastly and most importantly, it's certified HPLC tested and USP Verified for purity & quality!

USP Verified
NSF GMP Registration NNFA Good Manufacturing Practices (NNFA GMP)
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