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Chitosan (extract/root): Natural Uses as a Fat Blocker

"Chitosan Works Wonders as a Fat Blocker.
But Hold Off on Taking It
Until You See This Doctor's Report With
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Dr. Sam Robbins Weight Loss - Fat Blocker
Posted: Wed 5/23/18
By: Dr. Sam Robbins & Dr. Carmen Cooper
Topic: Using Chitosan as a natural and safe fat blocker, to help with weight loss -- WITHOUT negative side-effects, harmful prescription drugs or a change in diet or exercise. (A very effective alternative to Alli® and Xenical®) It's an effective remedy, treatment and alternative cure/solution.

"So How Effective Is Chitosan
as a Fat Blocker?"

As a dietary supplement, Chitosan has been marketed for about 20 years in Europe and Japan as a "fat blocker". Chitosan has been known as the "Fat Magnet," "Fat Sponge," and the "Fat Trapper." All of these descriptions are correct because Chitosan attracts fat, soaks up fat, and traps fat in the digestive system.

Once activated in the stomach, chitosan binds to fatty acids and carries them through the digestive system, without being absorbed. This helps reduce the amount of fat calories digested by the body.

Studies have shown that chitosan can attract and hold 6 times its weight in fat for safe elimination. Chitosan works with your body and can be effective in helping to eliminate excess fat from your diet, supporting healthy weight loss and maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

"What's The Best Kind of Chitosan?"

Regular chitosan products take over an hour to dissolve in your stomach. Chitosan Ultra™ (found in CHEATmeals®) dissolves within three to five minutes in stomach acid. You can take it just before you begin eating and it will deliver maximum fat-binding performance throughout the course of your meal. Chitosan Ultra not only works fast, it also out-performs all other varieties of chitosan with three to five times more fat-binding potential.

The chart below shows the superior fat-binding power of CHEATmeals® Chitosan Ultra compared to regular chitosan and so-called Chinese "high-density" chitosan.

Chitosan Comparison and Review

"Does Chitosan Have Any
Negative Side Effects?"

If you're allergic to shrimp or shellfish, then you should not take Chitosan. Other then this, Chitosan is very safe, even at higher dosages. The great part is that Chitosan also has the following benefits:

  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Is a great source of fiber, relieves constipation and reduces the chance of colon cancer.
  • Reduces insulin levels and blood sugar. Great if you are diabetic or have a family history of it.
  • Because it's NOT a stimulant, it's a helpful weight loss aid and very safe for those who have high blood pressure or heart problems.

"How Does Chitosan Compare to
Alli® & Other Fat Blockers?"

Alli (Orlistat)

Alli® and Xenical® are prescription fat blockers containing the active ingredient, Olistat. They work, similarly to Chitosan, except they do have some unpleasant negative side effects (such as diarrhea, gas, bloat and "anal leakage").

I've always believed, it's best to take something natural first. At the very least, you should start with Chitosan, use it for a couple of months and see how you do, before ever even thinking of using Alli®. Not to mention, Chitosan also costs a lot LESS!

But, don't go out and spend your money on Chitosan just yet...

So, What's YOUR Best Solution?...

I'll be honest with you. No single ingredient works at 100% effectiveness forever, let alone for every person. This is ESPECIALLY true for weight loss. And that includes Chitosan or any other single herb or nutrient.

Think about it. Just like you don't eat only broccoli for best health, you don't want to use only one herb or nutrient either.

The best products use Chitosan, in conjunction with other key ingredients, at specific dosages to dramatically help with your weight loss goal. Other key ingredients you should look for when purchasing a product, which also work in synergy with Chitosan are:

  • Phaseolamin® - Carbohydrate Blocker:
    Blocking fat from a meal, is a great start. But, when was the last time you ONLY ate fat in your meal? Probably NEVER...

    Most of the time, the foods that make us gain weight are a combination of carbohydrates (sugars) AND fats. Hence, french fries, pastries, pizza, etc. This is another problem with Alli® - it only blocks fat calories, and that's why it's not that effective.

    So, what you want to do ALSO take Phaseolamin, which helps block the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. Combined with Chitosan, you have a very effective "one-two" punch, attacking BOTH bad carbs and fats.

  • Digestive Enzymes:
    As we get older, we produce less and less digestive enzymes. This is why we tend to get bloated, have gas, heart burn, constipation and other "stomach" related problems as we age.

    Hence, when you don't digest your food properly, it readily turns into fat and you gain weight!

    So, make sure you also take a complete digestive enzyme with your "heavy cheat" meals. This way, your proteins, fats and carbs are digested properly, you have less stomach problems and the food is used for ENERGY and not turned into ugly body fat.

When combined with the above ingredients, it creates a "synergy" where you get MORE positive effects, at a much LOWER dose. That's the secret!...

Confused? Too Many Options & Choices?
Here's What Other People Have Done...

CHEATmeals - Natural Carbohydrate and Fat Blocker
Is CHEATmeals® the
natural solution
to your problems?...

Now, you might be thinking, "Geez, I don't want to take 20-30 pills a day, buying a bunch of bottles and herbs" and I don't blame you. Who has the time OR money.

Fortunately, there's now a proven product called CHEATmeals®, which contains the above key ingredients, in specific extracted dosages -- in addition to numerous other clinically proven ingredients. The feedback has been amazing and since the product has been around for years, you know it works and it's safe!

Mary, a mother of 3 working a full-time job, said it best:

"I've been dealing with "weight loss" issues for many years and it's getting worse and worse as I age. Plus, I seem to only get busier these days (kids, work, etc) and that means LESS time to exercise and eat healthy.

I saw all the commercials for Alli, I gave the product a try and even though I did lose some weight, the stomach problems and negative side-effects were just too much. So, I stopped taking the product and quickly gained all the weight back.

A friend of mine told me about CHEATmeals®. Not only did it cost much less than Alli, but it had NONE of the side-effects. The first thing I noticed was my stomach size shrank, even though I didn't lose weight. I guess my food was being digested better or something. I had no more digestive problems.

Over the next few weeks, I slowly lost weight, without any change in my diet or effort. I simply take 3-4 capsules before my meals, especially when I eat out and I want to enjoy my meal. It's GREAT ... I've lost weight. I've lost inches. I don't have stomach problems any more. My blood sugar has normalized... and I can enjoy guilt-free eating again!"

What YOU Should Do Next...

After the above proof, I'm sure you can agree that this ingredient works! It's clinically proven and it's safe (both short and long-term usage). But it should NOT be used alone, because it works better with a few other key ingredients (as mentioned above!).

What you should do next is Click HERE and give CHEATmeals® a try. Let's face it, you can't always eat perfectly. There are times when you go out to parties, restaurants or other events and you want to loosen up on your diet a little and enjoy yourself. CHEATmeals® allows you "guilt-free" eating, WITHOUT gaining weight. It's really that simple...

For close to a decade, thousands have benefited from CHEATmeals® and I know you will too. But don't just take my word for it, click the button below and try it yourself. Let's face it, weight loss only gets worse as you age... So, it's best you do something about it - something easy, simple, convenient and PROVEN!....


How To Block Carbs & Fats
Carb and Fat Blocker Supplement
Do YOU Want To Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? ...
- Block carbohydrates, sugars & fats from your meals (so you can still enjoy your favorite foods)

- NO stimulants (perfect if you have high-blood pressure or heart problems).

- Also lowers cholesterol & triglycerides, while STOPPING bloat, indigestion, acid reflux and heart burn.

How To Block Carbs & Fats
Carb and Fat Blocker Supplement
Do YOU Want To Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? ...
- Block carbohydrates, sugars & fats from your meals (so you can still enjoy your favorite foods)

- NO stimulants (perfect if you have high-blood pressure or heart problems).

- Also lowers cholesterol & triglycerides, while STOPPING bloat, indigestion, acid reflux and heart burn.