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Natural Solutions for Anxiety & Depression

What works & what doesn't?...
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Dr. Sam Robbins Anxiety & Depression Doctor
Posted: Wed 5/23/18
By: Dr. Sam Robbins & Dr. Ann Lakner
Topic: Can you cure anxiety and depression related disorders with alternative treatments, remedies, and vitamins? Discover how to naturally, quickly and safely treat anxiety, depression, panic attacks and insomnia, while also enhancing your mood and sense of well-being -- WITHOUT side-effects or dependency.

The Problem: You're NOT Alone...

DepressedBefore another word is said, I want to let you know that you're definitely NOT alone with your current feelings of the "blues" or "sadness". I say this because EVERYONE at some point, for dozens and dozens of reasons feels "down" ... has anxiety, is depressed, feels stressed out, unmotivated, gets nervous and panicky and/or lies awake at nights with insomnia.

Basically, you just don't feel "good" or as "happy" as you should. You know it's not the end of the world, but you feel (and rightly so) that you should be having more "good" days, than bad ones - am I right?

And, that's what this article is all about - how you can have MORE "good" days, more often, and do it naturally without dependency on drugs, alcohol, or therapy. YOU have the power right now, to make dramatic improvements and start LIVING, rather than surviving life...

The Causes: Why Do You Feel This Way?...

Domino EffectAgain, there are too many reasons one can speculate and only YOU can really answer this question.

And, it's never just ONE reason. It's usually a variety of life situations, stacked on top of each other and finally, you just feel "down" and "hopeless". It's like a negative domino effect, one problem after another and you finally break down.

For some, they eat a lot, others don't eat at all. Some get insomnia. Some have anxiety and panic attacks and others, just get down, depressed and unmotivated about life.

This is all normal and natural - but, it doesn't have to last so long or be as severe.

Ultimately, your HORMONES have changed and at the current moment, there are more "negative" hormones in your body, than positive ones. This imbalance is what we need to fix and there are a variety of solutions.

The Solutions: Therapy, Drugs or Natural Solutions...


TherapistTherapy is great and I do think some people should do it. But let's face it. It's expensive, it's a SLOW process and not convenient.

Therapists would go broke and never make money, if they could "fix" people in just a couple sessions, but they can't and don't.

So, expect an expensive and long-term commitment, if you choose therapy.


DrugsThen we have drugs - things like Prozac®, Zoloft®, Xanax®, Valium®, Ambien®, etc., etc. These only temporarily fix the "problem". Unfortunately, they create a dependency and you become addicted to them, ... Believe it or not, addiction can happen in as few as only 30 days of usage!

The minute you go off or even try to lower your dose, horrible side-effects and the negative emotions of panic, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are even WORSE than before.

Granted, this is GREAT for the pharmaceutical companies and that's their goal. To create addictions and make more money. But, this is NOT good for you. It's unhealthy, unproductive in the long-run and of course, it's expensive too (prescriptions, doctor visits, etc.).

So, I think prescription drugs are your LAST option and should only be for people who have a family history and genetic imbalance in hormones, that only daily use of drugs can fix. Otherwise, STAY AWAY!


Natural HerbsThe final option is what nature given us -- plants, herbs and specific amino acids. Of course, most people will think "oh, natural stuff doesn't work". Granted, that faulty mind set has changed in recent years, but still - it's NOT true.

For example, did you know that Valium® is made from Valerian Root and Aspirin is made from White Willow Bark?

Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent and make money from nature. So, they find what works in nature, change it, make it "synthetic", add in a bit of addictive qualities, patent it, charge a massive mark-up to them and now you have a drug.

Tobacco is NOT addictive - but cigarettes ARE because of all the 1000+ additional man-made chemicals they add to a cigarette to make them addictive.

So, natural ingredients and herbs are your best solution or at the very least, your FIRST solution to help fix your current situation. But, there are so many herbs and nutritional supplements, it can get very confusing....

But What Works? What Doesn't? What's A "Scam"?...

The only problem with natural herbs and supplements is that they are not regulated. So, you really have to be careful what you buy. In all honesty, MOST supplement products are scams and don't work. It's actually too big a subject to discuss in this one article, but here are some "do's" and "don'ts" when looking for a natural solution, to help provide anxiety & depression relief:

List Of "Do's" & "Don'ts" When for Natural Supplements
Only purchase EXTRACT forms of herbs. These carry the active chemicals that make the herb work, unlike the "dry root" (which is dead).
It's best to combine a variety of herbal extracts, because as in nature - everything works in harmony and synergy. This prevents adaptation and you can use less total dosage, while getting MORE positive effects.
Make sure the product and ingredients are clinically tested and proven to work. This way, there is no "guess work", you KNOW it to be true.
The best products are formulated by doctors and herbalists. This is their profession and have spent years researching. Don't buy from a company that's just good at advertising and has lots of TV commercials and paid actors.
The following herbs are GOOD, have been clinically shown to work, are very effective and have minimal or NO side-effects:
-- Phenibut (very rare and potent)
-- 5-HTP
-- St. John's Wort (only 5% Hyperforin extract)
-- Kava Kava Extract
-- Passion Flower Extract
-- Valerian Extract
-- Green Tea Extract (only Decaffeinated)
... Again, make sure it's the active EXTRACT form and not "dry root" of the herb.
Do NOT purchase herbs in their "root" form. It's basically dead and dry - worthless. It MUST be the extracted form, which is 100x more potent.
Never use only ONE kind of herb by itself. Your body will adapt and you'll need a higher and higher dose. It's best to combine lower dosages of different herbs. This way, you need less of each, and there is more synergy and your body will not adapt and the herbs will continue to work
The following herbs have been clinically shown to NOT work and aren't very effective unless extremely high dosages are used, at which point many negative side effects happen.
-- L-theanine
-- Chocamine
-- Rhodiola Rosea
-- Ginseng
-- Winter Cherry
-- Sjullcap (Scutellaria Lateriflora)
-- Ashwagandha
-- Catnip
-- Chamomile
-- B-Vitamins
... there are many more in fact, but these are the more popular herbs promoted, that do NOT work.

Summary & Conclusion ...

Anxiety, depression and similar symptoms are normal and a part of life. BUT, only occasionally - once in a while. Therapy works, but takes too long to take effect, it's expensive and most people don't need it.

AddictionDrugs definitely help short term, but they are temporary fixes. After only 30 days of use, your body begins to adapt and creates an addiction to them. In the long-run, they actually do the OPPOSITE and make the situation worse. Getting off anxiety, depression and insomnia drugs is VERY HARD.

Natural herbs and amino acids work and are right for 90% of the population. At least, it's where you should FIRST TRY, before prescription drugs or therapy.

Make sure to only get EXTRACTED forms of herbs, no the dry "root", which is basically dead and ineffective. Many herbs do NOT work and/or are needed in such high dosages that they create too many negative effects. So, make sure you only use the herbs in the above, left hand column in green.

So, What's The Best Solution For ME?...

HappyAbove you have all the information you need to make an educated and knowledgeable decision. One formula that's been getting excellent reviews for many years, is a clinically proven product called ProVanax®, which contains the above key ingredients, in specific extracted dosages -- in addition to a couple other helpful ingredients. The feedback has been amazing and since the product has been around for years, you know it works and it's safe!

Deborah, a mother of 3 who has been dealing with these problems for over 2 decades, said it best, "ProVanax® allows me to feel relaxed, less anxiety and depression, WITHOUT feeling numb, tired or sedated like other products or prescription drugs."

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Stop Anxiety + Depression
Stop Anxiety + Drepression
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