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Benefits & How It Works

Bottle of Lean Optimizer Lean Optimizer® is Patent-Pending, clinically proven and one of the ONLY metabolic enhancing fat burners that contains NO caffeine or caffeine-like products, NO ephedrine, ephedra or ma-huang and NO diuretics or fake "water loss" ingredients Thanks to new technology and advanced science, there are better, more effective and SAFER alternative ingredients.

Below you'll discover some of the very specific benefits from using Lean Optimizer®. It's one of the ONLY over the counter supplement co-designed by a doctor, as well as endorsed by a sports medicine physician.

Below you will read a summarized list of general benefits of Lean Optimizer® and its ingredients:

Lean Optimizer® Summary of Benefits

Clinical trials show that there is an increase in one's metabolism by over 14% - without any additional exercise or reduction in calories eaten. That means for the average person, they can eat roughly an EXTRA 300-350 calories a day and not gain any weight. OR, basically their body is burning around 300 ADDITIONAL calories daily without any exercise! Basically, it's EXERCISE IN A BOTTLE!

Lean Optimizer® is one of the ONLY metabolic enhancing fat burners that has NO caffeine or caffeine-like products (i.e. Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Theobromine, guarana, etc.) .... NO ephedrine, ephedra or ma-huang. ... and NO diuretics or fake "water loss" ingredients (i.e. potassium, caffeine, dandelion, pamabrom, magnesium, etc.).

Lean Optimizer® contains the patented 7-Keto™ (US patent 5,292,730) with over a DECADE of research demonstrating and proving to greatly burn more fat, without the stimulating effects. This can be a real benefit for those who are sensitive to stimulants and those who wish to supplement for longer periods.

As an added bonus, 7-Keto has also shown anti-aging actions and has been awarded numerous patents for boosting the immune system, enhancing memory and prevent age-related health complications.

Lean Optimizer® contains the patented Advantra Z® with BOTH Canadian (2,248,854) & U.S. (6,224,873) Patents for but not limited to:
» Stimulating thermogenesis » Suppressing appetite
» Reducing "fat" weight » Improving athletic performance
» Increasing muscle mass » Increasing energy
This all natural herbal extract made from "bitter oranges" is the PERFECT alternative to Ephedra because it doesn't seem to cross the blood/brain barrier, which means reduced central nervous stimulation and cardiovascular effects. Ultimately, this could mean NO nervous energy, shakes, or insomnia.

Lean Optimizer® is PH balanced to alkalize your BODY, for faster fat loss, reduced appetite and an increase in your immune system. Simply stated, one of the most amazing discoveries in recent times is that fat is actually an over acidification problem.

This means that the body creates fat cells to carry dangerous acids away from your vital organs. This is so that these acids don't literally choke your organs to death!

So, your body is holding on to fat because it's actually trying to SAVE YOUR LIFE! By alkalizing your system with Lean Optimizer®, your body no longer has the need to hold on to the fat and it easily "melts off" over time, WITHOUT any additional effort, exercise or dieting!

Lean Optimizer® regulates and BALANCES out serotonin levels in the brain. Low serotonin levels means that you will crave carbohydrates more, especially at night. Plus, people with low serotonin levels tend to be more depressed and "down".

Lean Optimizer® helps REVERSE these negative effects by increasing and balancing out brain serotonin levels, which means dramatically less cravings for sugar and a happier "mood".

Lean Optimizer® helps stimulate the ß³ fat receptors in the body. These are also known as "stubborn" fat areas.

In men, this would be abdominal fat and in women, leg and buttock fat (this is why those stubborn areas are usually the last to disappear when dieting!). ß³ fat receptor blocking allows you to lose stubborn fat MUCH faster!

Helps to reduce cholesterol levels by as much as 23% or more, while simultaneously increasing HDL and lowering LDL. All very beneficial for your lipid profiles.

Optimizes thyroid activity while on lower calorie and/or low carbohydrate diets, to help regulate your body's metabolism and natural energy levels (no more low-energy feeling because you are dieting or on lower carb intake!)

Decreases blood sugar levels and hence, greatly reduced insulin output. Perfect for low carb diets, while allowing you to actually eat and utilize more carbohydrates!

This is also a great benefit for diabetics, border-line diabetics or those who have a family history of diabetes.

Increases "tissue oxygenation", which is a key component in the burning (oxidizing) of fat, not to mention increased brain function and oxygen uptake
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