"My doctor is still shocked... Over 110 pt drop in my cholesterol levels with NO change in my diet, no drugs & I feel great!
Wish I started this a long time ago..."
Al Perazzi
Northridge, CA
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How CholesLo® Is Proven To Help YOU...

Dramatically improve and help create healthy cholesterol levels (without negative side-effects or interactions). *
Lower fatty triglycerides from your blood (56% of high cholesterol cases are actually caused by high triglycerides that distort measurements). *
Optimize your HDL/LDL ratios for correct lipid profiles by raising your good HDL & lowering bad LDL, simultaneously! *
Help cleanse & repair your LIVER (this is very important because studies show that 82.7% of your cholesterol problems first begin in the liver). *
Safely & effectively help reduce your Homocysteine levels, (which is over 47.8% more accurate at predicting heart disease & arterial plaque problems!) *
Naturally help lower blood sugar levels and total-body "inflammation" - both being critical indicators of heart & artery disease. *

CholesLo Bottle
CholesLo® Creates
"Complete Heart Health"
Natural Cholesterol Remedies
CholesLo® Has A
93.7% Satisfaction Rate!

CholesLo® has been rated the "#1 Complete Cholesterol Solution" for over 7 Years....

I know that there are probably dozens of products all claiming to "lower cholesterol" and therefore, you have a lot of options. HOWEVER, cholesterol is NOT the only cause of heart disease and there are numerous other factors (such as HDL/LDL ratio, triglycerides, blood sugar levels, Homocysteine levels, inflammation, blood pressure, etc.).

The problem with other products is they tend to ONLY focus on the ONE factor - "cholesterol levels". CholesLo® is better & more effective because it's a COMPLETE SYSTEM, helping to "fix" your lipid problems utilizing multiple proven methods... in one convenient, easy to swallow pill.

Pure & Safe
It's Effective, Safe,
Easy & Convenient
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Why CholesLo® Is "Better" Than The Rest...

CholesLo® contains only organic herbs, vitamins and amino acids ... utilizing 17 clinically proven ingredients. The five-step formula helps deliver the specific nutrients your body needs, to help heal itself - which helps eliminate side-effects and dramatically increase effectiveness. *
CholesLo® has over 100+ customer reviews, clearly showing before and after blood tests with improved lipid profiles and many other health benefits. * NO other product on the market will give you this kind of proof (you can't make up blood tests)!
CholesLo® is 100% drug free and ALL natural. It's a safe and has been used as an effective alternative to prescription drugs (such as Lipitor®, Crestor® & Zocor®). *
You can view a comparison chart and be assured that CholesLo® is guaranteed to work and is a great value - saving you time & money.
CholesLo® has a proprietary exclusive formula, backed by over 67+ years of clinical research - so you KNOW it works & it's safe! *
Discover why the media LOVES the ingredients found in CholesLo
"Studies have shown that RED YEAST RICE can significantly lower levels of total cholesterol and specifically LDL, the bad cholesterol. One studied showed red yeast rice reduced LDL levels by 22% and total cholesterol by 16% in 12 weeks. Another study showed lowered LDL levels by 26% in just eight weeks."

- WebMD
"Research has shown that phytosterols, sterols and stanols have been shown to cut the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the small intestines by about 50 percent."

- NBC News
"About 30 years ago, medical researchers began noticing patients with heart failure also had lost much of their supply of CoQ10. Supplementing them with the nutrient led to normalized levels and also clinical improvements in many patients. ... A healthy heart needs CoQ10"

- ABC News
"Fatty liver disease is a strong precursor of cardiovascular disease. Individuals who have over-worked livers (due to prescription medications, alcohol and similar toxins) have higher levels of LDL - bad cholesterol and low levels of HDL - good cholesterol.

... It\'s imperative to make sure an individual keeps their liver healthy by minimizing prescription drugs, drinking extra water and taking natural liver cleansers such as Milk Thistle Extract and NAC!"

- American Liver Foundation
"Inflammation is a known risk factor for many diseases, one of the more prominent ones being heart disease and stroke. Improved sleep quantity (at least 7-8 hours), fish oils, diet low in grains and natural anti-inflammatory substances such as Turmeric - are simple and very effective ways of reducing inflammation and potential diseases."

- American College of Cardiology
"People with high blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine are at increased risk for heart disease and strokes... More than 12,000 heart-attack survivors who took a combination of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, had lowered their homocysteine levels!"

- The New York Times
"A diet low in animal protein, healthy fats (such as fish oil and nuts), high in vegetables, 20-30 minutes of daily activity (such as walking) .... plus the addition of natural extracts such as garlic, artichoke leaf and policosanal, can dramatically reduce your cholesterol levels without the use of prescription statin medications."

- CNN Health News

But don't take our word for it (or even the media's).

Read or listen to REAL LIFE customer reviews,
with before and after blood tests for PROOF!...

(153) Reviews & Feedback

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"....I tried CholesLo for 2 months & was extremely surprised with the results. My cholesterol dropped from 268 to 220 (48 pt drop). LDL dropped from 163 to 119 (44 pt drop). I'm so happy that finally something worked as promised!"

After 4 months of use:

Cholesterol: 299 down to 218
      - 81 point drop/improvement
Triglycerides: 182 down to 98
      - 84 point drop/improvement
LDL: 191 down to 123
      - 68 point drop/improvement

"....every drug my doctor put me on, gave me side-effects... I was crippled & needed hospitalization! ... With CholesLo, I dropped over 30 pts in just ONE month, ZERO problems! NO change in diet or life-style. ... My doctor is thrilled!"

"...I never had cholesterol problems until I hit menopause & then it shot up to 240. ....I tried other herbal products, but they barely worked. ... after using CholesLo for only 2 weeks, my cholesterol was down to 175... a 65 point drop!"

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