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How My Father Almost Died ... &
The PERMANENT "Cholesterol Fix Formula"
That My Own PARENTS Utilize

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Posted By: Dr. Sam Robbins

In this page, I'll discusss my own person struggle to help BOTH my parents and their cholesterol problems, despite living a very active and healthy life-style. I'll also reveal different options and solutions we used - from prescription drugs, to natural herbal extracts.

I want to thank you in advance for allowing me to share about my person life. Hopefully it can help someone you know, maybe even YOUR own parents...

Dr. Sam Robbins
(Bio Info)

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My grandfather (my DAD'S father) died of a heart attack and my grandmother (my MOM'S mother) died of a stroke. Both had semi-high cholesterol levels, but nothing too bad. I don't have the exact numbers - but it was between 250-300.

So, heart disease and strokes, possibly stemming from high cholesterol, tends to run in my family.

But because my parents are more knowledgeable about healthier eating than the previous generation. Both are very healthy, exercise daily (walking, cardio, some weights) and have a fairly clean diet.

Obviously, with me as their son, they had NO CHOICE but to be healthy or else I'd threaten to kick some butt! ... hehe ...

Even A Healthy Life-Style Didn't Work

Even though they lived very healthy life-styles, due to genetics and mostly hormonal and enzymatic changes because of AGING, their cholesterol levels rose higher and higher, each and every year to a high of 288 for my dad and 262 for my mom.

At this time (back in 2002) my parents were both prescribed cholesterol reduction "statin" drugs. My dad was given Lipitor® (40 mgs daily) and my mom Zocor® (20 mgs daily) and then Crestor® (10 mgs daily).

Both my parents were prescribed independently, by two different doctors within a 9 month time-span (enough time to pass for blood tests to be done for results).

Both My Parent's Cholesterol Levels
Dropped DRAMATICALLY, But ...

To make a very long and painful story short, BOTH my parent's cholesterol levels dropped dramatically (the good news). But both also had a TON of horrible side-effects and the more time passed on, the worse their side-effects became.

For my dad, it was muscle loss and pain ... and my mom had just horrible dry skin, lips and a LOT more wrinkles because of it, plus her liver enzymes just shot up to very "toxic" levels!


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Heart Disease is Genetics

Too difficult to follow a strict diet.
Unfortunately, my grandfather died of a heart attack and even though my dad eats well and exercises, BECAUSE of his "pre-existing" genetic history, he ALSO has high cholesterol levels.

... The Worst Side-Effect Was

BUT, the worst side-effect BOTH my parents had, which worried ALL of us the most, was the memory loss. My dad has always had GREAT memory and can recall his entire childhood in detail. While I can barely remember what I did last year ...

So, when HE started to complain about memory problems - I really got scared. I did some research on it and found that PERMANENT MEMORY LOSS is an actual CLINICALLY PROVEN SIDE-EFFECT of statin drugs - especially Lipitor®.

Adding my mom's similar complaint, I immediately told them to GET OFF their statin cholesterol reduction drugs, or else!

Unfortunately, within a 45 days, both their cholesterol levels just shot up to even HIGHER than before they ever got on the drugs!

I ALMOST Gave Up &
Dug An EARLY Grave For My Parents!!!

I'm not going to get into all the details, but my dad's doctor called me at my office one day (I remember it was mid-May, because it was exactly 30 days before Father's Day) and pretty much said that if we don't do something about his cholesterol, he WILL DIE soon due to some kind of heart attack or stroke - just like HIS father!

Obviously, I didn't tell that to my parents. Having HOPE is one thing we all NEED to have, especially as we age.

If I didn't figure out something for him (and my mom whose mother died of a stroke), my kids would grow up WITHOUT any grandparents - a thought I just wasn't ready for, NOR ACCEPT!

Brain & Memory Loss...

Memory Loss and forgetfulness
One of the most disturbing and KNOWN side-effects of cholesterol reducing "statin" drugs is MEMORY LOSS, forgetfulness & accelerated aging of the brain!
A Possible Cholesterol Reduction CURE,
Without Drugs or "Special" Diets? ...

In trying to answer the above question, I ran into a few "challenges":

The "Challenges" Of Finding A NATURAL & PERMANENT Cholesterol "Cure"

  1. I needed to find a NATURAL solution that can lower cholesterol as well as (or close to) "statin" drugs such as Lipitor®, Zocor® and Crestor® - but not have all the horrible, long-term and permanent side-effects?
  2. How can this "all-in-one" solution be easy enough to follow for my parents (who are senior citizens over 65 years old), without having them change their entire life-style and go on incredibly hard-to-follow diets and exercise plans (which they'd quit and give up on after a few weeks anyway...)?
  3. Because the cause of high cholesterol can be due to both GENETICS and HORMONES, I needed to find a solution that worked for both men and women (my mom and dad both!)
  4. It HAD to be very affordable because my parents aren't rich ... So, they don't have money to take expensive herbs all the time, eat an all "organic" diet and have special fresh juices, etc., etc. Heck, that's very expensive for me to do, let alone people on a tight budget.
  5. Finally, WHATEVER the solution - it had to be safe and easy for long-term usage - the rest of their lives if need be.

So, in November 2002 - I began my search. I had my medical research assistant pull up thousands of clinical studies, books, articles and so forth on cholesterol.

I then called my connections at Cedar Sinai hospital here in Los Angeles and spoke to the head cardiologists about cholesterol and then flew out to New York and later to China to speak to two, VERY WELL respected herbalist and nutraceutical scientist to ...


This part is REALLY important! Here are 5 specific solutions you should look for.

Discover A PERMANENT, 100% Natural,
FAST Acting & Long-Term Solution
To Reduce Cholesterol & Triglycerides

If you can believe this or not, it took over TWO years of studies and variety clinical tests to finally find EXACTLY what I was looking for. The solution I discovered HAD to be safe, natural and PROVEN.



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